Thursday, June 9, 2011

Text the Romance Back

Have you often fantasized about your man being more romantic towards you? Do you find it frustrating that he's not as into you as he once was before or are you scratching your head wondering how come men seem to be so unromantic?

I've got some good news for you today because I'm going to show you how you can use text messaging to turn up the heat even if your relationship seems like it's on it's way or or you've been together for a long time without feeling really connected to your man.

But first, let's get somethings out of the way. In order for you to get results, you have to understand some things about men and romance.

Men view being romantic in a different way than you do and are motivated in different ways. You're motivated to get attention and love while he's motivated to get sex and feel good.
Understanding his motivation will help you get more from him than you are getting now. And using text messages that speaks to his desires, will help to turn your relationship around practically overnight.

Text Secret #1 - You text must position itself as a game to him

If you text isn't full of play and adventure, your man won't be inspired to keep it going. He may not even respond. When you send a text message to get his attention, you have keep business out of it. Talk about grocery shopping, home, or tasks outside of trying to re-ignite the romance.
Text Secret #2 - Your text must pique his curiosity and create anticipation

It you send him a closed text message, it will have no power to pique his interest. You have to leave your text wide open for his interpretation. So insinuation is your best tool.

Text Secret #3 - Your text must make him feel connected to pleasing you

When you send your man a text that doesn't make him feel like a rockstar, he will not want to keep it going. Your text must make him feel good, he has to want to pursue you, want to give you the romance, want to touch you, be with you and give his attention to you.
Be very careful about what you send because sending the wrong text can work against you instead of working for you. You want your text messages to turn him into a romance addict, not turn him off.

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Top Secrets from Men about How to Make Your Man Miss You if He’s Distant

Many women make dangerous mistakes with men that kill the attraction in their relationships. A lot of men really want to have the attention of a fun and easy going woman who knows how to speak the language of attraction and today I'm going to tell you in a nutshell how to get your man's attention and keep it on you.

1. Men love to play

Ask any guy why he watches sports and you might not get a direct answer but it's all about the competition, the freedom and the joy of the win.

When it comes to your relationship your man isn't any different. He wants to play and he wants you to play with him. He doesn't want to hear you nag over and over again. Of course there are times when you have important things to talk about but if your focus is too much on wanting him to do something to please you or wanting to get your way, he will not view your relationship as fun but work. Be playful with him and he will find you totally irresistible.

2. Men love adventure

This is all locked inside a man's programming to seek out the things that are adventurous. This is why men build and create things. This is why they explore. It's innate in guys to want to go out and try something new. The thing is, if you're not creating new experiences for him, he will find the relationship flat and boring. You will come off as boring to him and he'll soon withdraw his interest from you. The most dangerous thing a woman can do is to let her relationship coast along just because she feels she has the guy. And if you don't quite have him at a commitment, you have to provide adventure for him in a way that sparks the attraction.

3. Men love their freedom

The top secret to making a man miss you is to allow him to have the chance to have his freedom. It works in two ways: 1. He'll love you for not being needy and controlling of his time and 2. It will create the space inside of him to want to move more towards you.

A lot of women are using lovescripts written by men to to help women create that edge in their relationships and turn it up a notch. But these text messages are carefully crafted to trigger a deep incredible desire within men to want more and connect on a much deeper level. Be very careful what you send or you could be sitting by the phone for hours waiting for a reply. Learn exactly what to say and how to make him miss you like never before and want even more.

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